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What I'm driving

A6 Plus & A4 TDI

One of the perks of competing in races for a manufacturer is access to the best and latest production models that the company has to offer. Here too, Audi AG is quite eager to have their Ace show off their top-of-the-line cars.

Right now, Emanuele's garage houses an A6 Plus - a high-performance edition of the Audi middle class model. Before that he was driving an S8 - the sporting version of the luxurious A8. Wife Marlene enjoys the practical, yet speedy A4 TDI.

For inner-city traffic and short hauls, Emanuele actually climbs onto his motor-scooter.

Honda 750

Unfortunately there is rarely an opportunity from him any more to take his Honda 750 Africa Twin for a spin. The bike might be sold before long.

Emanuele was only five years of age when he got his first motor bike. A scar on his leg is still a reminder of his first experience - unable to reach the ground with his feet, he promptly burned himself on the hot exhaust pipe.

First Car

Cars being his true passion, Pirro did not wait until age 18 before owning his first automobile. At age 13, he paid 40,000 Lire to a wrecking ground for a Fiat 600 and shortly after that he added a bigger 750 cm3 motor for another 40,000 Lire. A black paint-job was done by hand, using a paint brush.

Contrary to his parents' intentions, Emanuele would not constrict himself to the borders of the family property. As a result, the Fiat was lost when suddenly the steering broke. Fortunately, neither Emanuele nor his passenger was injured.

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