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Racing Outfit

While driving for Audi, Pirro dons an overall by the Italian brand Sparco, the official sponsor of the Audi Team for the Super Touring-Car Championship. But of all the gear his helmet is most important piece, of which he will take care of personally. For quite some time, Emanuele Pirro is associated with the Japanese manufacturer Arai, which also outfits most Formula-1 drivers.

Helmet Design

Currently, Emanuele uses a GP3, the top-of-the-line model by Michio Arais. Instead of relying on a professional stylist, Pirro designed his protective helmet himself - and added an important quote to the rear side.

Jeans and Sneakers, Suits by Caraceni

Emanuele Pirro's preferred dress code is casual: he likes to wear jeans and sneakers. At formal occasions he'll rely on custom suits by the roman tailors at Caraceni.

Even there one can find a connection to motor sports. In the 1950s, principal Dr. Augusto Caraceni was competing himself, mostly racing a Ferrari. Caraceni even held the title of Italian Mountain Champion with his Ferrari 225S Vignale.

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