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Fitness, Training and Sport

Besides relying on a highly competitive vehicle, today's racing professionals need to be in top physical shape to succeed.

Anyone involved in a physically demanding activity, such as car racing, has to exercise on a regular basis. Schedule permitting, Emanuele stays fit with 30 minutes of daily gymnastics and by running 40 kilometers (25 miles) every week. The exercise room in his house in Rome can hold its own against any commercial health spa. It is fully equipped by Fassi, Italy's renowned manufacturer of exercise machines.

Skiing is another pleasant way to further one's fitness - at least in the winter. During the summer, Emanuele jumps onto a mountain bike, or straps on roller-blades.

Audi Sport also includes winter sports into the team's fitness program. During the traditional 14 day training period in St. Moritz (Switzerland), skiing is one of many activities that team physician Dr. Christian John prescribes to get the drivers ready for the coming racing season.

Finally, there are water sports. Emanuele is an avid water skier, swimmer and scuba diver. Check out the page on Emanuele's hobbies to find out other reasons why Emanuele is so fond of the world under water.

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