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When Emanuele Pirro was asked what he would take along on a deserted Island, Pirro responded quickly: "My Family".

His wife, Marlene, and his two sons Cristoforo and Goffredo are Emanuele's top priority. Nothing troubles him more than when his profession limits the time they can all spend together.

Although Marlene and children accompany Emanuele to most races, there are still many other functions that a racing professional has to attend.

Emanuele and Marlene met 1985 in Monaco. At the time, Emanuele was living in London as a Formula 3000 driver for the British Onyx team, and Belgian Marlene was attending law school and studying Business Administration. It took them until May 22, 1991, before wedding bells finally rang and today their life revolves around their two sons.

Cristoforo, born January 20, 1993, seems to follow in his father's footsteps. His is so interested in automobiles that he already recognizes most popular models. Four year old Cristoforo is raised multi-lingual and attends an English-language school.

The youngest addition to the family is Goffredo, nick-named "Goofy". Born January 24, 1996, he merely missed his brother's birthday. As one would expect, Goffredo also enjoys automobiles as both sons spend time cruising in their man-powered Audis.

Seeking to expand their minds, the parents are encouraging other activities and avoid discussing motor sports with the family. Emanuele would rather spend time in the kitchen, and Cristoforo is already pursuing skiing, swimming, roller-blading and gymnastics.

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