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Formula 1 - 98 Melbourne - Michael Schumacher and his Ferrari F300 were seen in the Australian Grand Prix as "special guest stars" only for a very short time...Formula 1 - 98 Melbourne - Eddie Irvine's luck was much better than Michael Schumacher's in this race: He drove his F300 s/n 181 to fourth just behind Heinz-Harald Frentzen, although the car had been the T-car.Michael Schumacher was very happy since his 3rd position was like a victory for him.980412.BuenosAires.005980412.BuenosAires.006980412.BuenosAires.007980412.BuenosAires.013


Presentation of the new Formula 1 Ferrari

January 7, 1998 was the great day: Ferrari's Formula 1 car for the 1998 season was presented to the expectant public - much earlier than in previous years, by the way.

800 journalists from all over the world had been invited to Maranello to ensure that everyone on earth interested in Formula 1 would know on the very next day what Ferrari's new war-horse looks like.

As usually, the presentation once again had a surprise for the media: the car's name.

In the weeks prior to the launch, there had always been reports about an "F310 C" which was to be the adequate successor to the F310 and the F310 B. Some sources even stated that the new car was to be named "649", related to the project's factory-internal designation. But, surprise, surprise: The 1998 Ferrari Formula 1 is the F300.

The veil that covered the car, which had been put on display in front of the factory's new wind-tunnel, was released by Michael Schumacher, Eddie Irvine and Luca C. di Montezemolo. Later on, Jean Todt and the new test-pilot Luca Badoer also showed up at the event.

More photographs of the new Ferrari F300 are to be seen at this site in about one week.


Technical data

10-cylinder engine in 80 V-layout, four valves per cylinder  
Displacement 2997 ccm
Power output about 700 PS
Gearbox Sequential seven-speed, mounted in longitudinal direction
Ventilated disc-brakes  
Chassis carbon compound material
Length 4,340 mm
Width 1,785 mm
Height 961 mm
Wheelbase 2,953 mm
Track front 1,490 mm
Track rear 1,405 mm
Weight 600 kg
Internal engine code 047
181, 182, 183, 184, 185, 186, 187, 188, 189

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