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2. Europaeischen Formel 3000, Onyx March 86B-Cosworth (29 Punkte)
F3000 Europameister: Ivan Capelli (38 Punkte), GenoaRacing March 86B-Cosworth
Plazierungen in den Punkterängen
April 13 Daily Express Trophy, Silverstone 2nd
May 4 Gran Premio di Roma, Vallelunga 3rd
May 19 Grand Prix de Pau, Pau 2nd, pole position 1:11,83
June 29 Euro Mugello, Mugello 6th
September 28 Le Mans F3000, Le Mans 1st, pole position 1:27,31, fastest lap 1:29,20
October 5 Jarama F3000, Jarama 2nd, pole position 1:18,17
Le Mans: The race had actually been won by Pierluigi Martini who was disqualified afterwards because his team had worked on the car after the race had been suspended after 43 of 58 laps, followed by a re-start. This disqualification gained the points for Pirro - who had come in on 2nd position - which were necessary to become the overall second in the championship.
Pirro participated in the Macao Formula 3 Grand Prix for the Marlboro Theodore Racing Team for the third year in a row.
Formula 1 tests for Benetton in a Benetton-BMW B186 Turbo
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