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Int. ADAC Sachsenring Race
15 June 1997
Lap Length: 3.517 km
Racing distance:
Sprint 15 laps (52.755 km)
Race 29 laps (101.993 km)

Lap Record

Emanuele Pirro, Audi A4 (1:33.908)

Lap Record STW

Emanuele Pirro, Audi A4 (1:33.908)

Pole Position 1996

Pole Position: Philipp Peter, Audi A4 (1:39.414 = 127.51 km/ h)

Results 1996

Winner Sprint: Emanuele Pirro, Audi A4 (21:45.390 = 128.51 km/ h)
Winner Race: Philipp Peter, Audi A4 (45:51.578 = 134.83 km/h)
Fastest Race: Emanuele Pirro, Audi A4 (1:33.908 = 1:33.908)


AMC Sachsenring e.V. im ADAC
Phone +49 3723 411511
Fax +49 3723 411511

Hotel Information

Sächsischer Burgen- und Heideland e.V.
Phone +49 343 279660
Fax +49 343 2796619

Successful Revival of 1996

Until the opening of the intra-German border in 1989, the Sachsenring near Chemnitz was the center of motor sports in former East Germany (GDR). It hosted races for more than 100 hp "Trabant" cars and for motor bikes.

Continuing an East German Tradition

It became quiet around this history-laden circuit, when suddenly the decision came for a complete reconstruction of the race track. The grand opening was celebrated in 1996 with the ADAC Super Touring cup. Emanuele Pirro left his mark by winning the race and by earning the lap record.

Ideal Course Layout

Last year's good results are not the prime reason why the East German circuit ranks number 2 in Emanuele's personal hitlist. Demanding curves, like the fast right turn after the initial straight, make this a very fascinating course. Because of a balance of various turns and straight, Emanuele does not think that any one of the three drive designs has an implied advantage. Besides technical aspects, there are the most enthusiastic fans which make this circuit an experience that is hard to find elsewhere.


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