Nürburgring, Short Connection

Int. ADAC Bilstein Supersprint
5 October 1997

Lap length: 3.043 km
Racing distance:
Sprint 17 laps (51.731 km)
Race 33 laps (100.419 km)

Lap Record

Bernd Schneider, Porsche 962 Group C (58.14)

Lap Record STW

Johnny Cecotto, BMW 318i (1:11.98)

Pole Position 1996

Johnny Cecotto, BMW 320i (1:11.591 = 153.02 km/ h)

Results 1996

Winner Sprint: Emanuele Pirro, Audi A4 (22:16.055 )
Winner Race: Emanuele Pirro, Audi A4 (40:33.436)
Fastest Lap: Johnny Cecotto, BMW 320i (1:12.606 = 150.88 km/ h)


Nürburgring GmbH
Phone +49 2691 3020
Fax +49 2691 302159

Hotel Information

Touristinformation Adenau
Phone +49 2691 30516
Fax +49 2691 30518


Season Finals in the Eifel

The Nuerburgring is the only race track appearing twice on the Super-Touring cup of 1997. However, the final event is not held on the full Grand Prix circuit. The cars will avoid the Muellenbach loop by making a quick right turn a few hundred meters after the Castrol-S.

In 1996, Emanuele already had the title in the sack. Highly motivated as he is, he still gave it the best and won both the sprint and the race.

Good Opportunities to Overtake

For the Quattro, chances are better on this shorter circuit than on the Grand Prix course. Leaving out the Muellenbach loop eliminates a deciding long full throttle stretch right after the Dunlop turn, and the short connection is a good opportunity to pass other cars.


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